Thursday, October 25, 2012

12 Step Treatment Centers

The 12 step recovery program has long been hailed as the best addiction treatment technique to provide successful recovery. The reason physicians are so adamant of the use of this technique is because of the inherent structure of the 12 steps. The steps carve out a very definite path for the addict; from disease to recovery, the road to wellness is well lit.

More and more recovery and treatment centers are adapting the 12 step model and combining it with other new and innovative forms of treatment. Treatment programs such as Christian rehabs and dual-diagnosis programs also have adopted the 12 steps at a sort of a foundation that drives all of the other aspects of the treatment program.

One such treatment center employing this practice is Above It All Treatment Center in California. Located high up in the mountains northeast of Los Angeles,  Above it All holds the 12 step method in high regard and has seen first-hand the success-driven results of its use.

Visit to learn more about program options and how the 12 step method actually works.

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