Monday, November 19, 2012

Addiction: Mental, Physical, Dual

The medical industry is learning more and more each day about just how addiction works. We know that it affects an afflicted individual both mentally and physically, but we are beginning to go deeper and realize the true cause of addiction. Somewhere down the line, a person made the decision to partake in either drugs and/or alcohol, and further down the line, they became chemically dependent on that substance.

Dual diagnosis residential treatment programs attack the addiction from two points. First: what was the underlying condition that caused the person to take the chemical for the first time? Second: how do we get the individual to stop using, and continue to not use the drug anymore? New Dawn Treatment Center wholeheartedly approaches these questions in order to effectively treat all parts of the chemical dependency.

First off, they find what underlying condition (i.e. depression, mental disorders, stress, anxiety, pain) prompted the individual to find a solution in drugs and/or alcohol. This is integral; this issue must be addressed or else treating the addiction itself head-on will not be effective. If there is an issue with depression or physical pain, drug treatment counselors must discover a way to treat that issue, then allow for the individual to be weened off of the drugs that were keeping him/her at-bay.

Though this approach requires much more work than more traditional strategies, it is a much more solid long-term solution to addiction that also lessens the chances of relapse.

To learn more about how dual diagnosis works, and the various programs used to treat a dual diagnosis, visit New Dawn Recovery's official website at:

New Dawn Recovery has 4 locations throughout Northern California:

New Dawn Recovery: Location #1
7447 Antelope Road #103, Citrus Heights, CA 95621

New Dawn Recovery: Location #2
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New Dawn Recovery: Location #3
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